• 2013 Reel

    3D, MoGraph, Stop Motion & Animation

    Projects I've worked on from 2010 to 2013 in motion graphics and 3D. Award-winning motion graphics, 3D animation and visual effects that tell your story through the use of creative digital media and cutting-edge designs.

    2013 Reel

  • Initiate

    Part of the :05 Project Series

    Comprehensive data schematics for our home world. Part of the :05 Project Series. This is a series aiming to produce small, focused motion graphics to expand knowledge and experience with new techniques.

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    Initiate 01 Initiate 02 03
  • BTC - Everyday

    Logo Animation

    Logo animation for BTC. Everyday is a commitment. It's a promise to listen more to our customers and employees, to improve products and services and to deliver continued positive change and progress.

    BTC - Everyday BTC Website

    BTC 01 BTC 02 03 04 05
  • Starwood Hotels

    We Are More - The Associate Experience

    Closing Anthem to Starwood's 2013 Associate Experience Conference. This motion graphics finale delivers a positive message and drives the final message home: We Believe That Together, We Are More.

    Watch Anthem Starwood Website

  • Heineken

    CG Composite Scene

    The Red Star accompanies Heineken's iconic bottle atop a green backdrop in this CG composite scene, created, textured, and lit in Cinema 4D. Photography by Tom Medvedich. Post Production by John Flynn.

    Tom Medvedich John Flynn

    Heineken 01 Heineken 02 03 04
  • Hatch Beauty

    Motion Graphics & Logo Animation

    Focusing on beauty and innovation, Hatch Beauty works with clients from around the world. A simple, elegant logo animation helps to capture the essence of Hatch Beauty and their line of beauty products.

    Hatch Beauty - Logo Animation

    Hatch Beauty 01 Hatch Beauty 02 03
  • :05 - Alien Spore

    Part of the :05 Project Series

    An alien spore rises from an organic bed of moss. Part of the :05 Project Series. This is a series aiming to produce small, focused motion graphics to expand knowledge and experience with new techniques.

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    Alien Spore 01 Alien Spore 02
  • A LEGO™ Christmas

    Stop Motion Animated Short

    What happens when LEGO™ Minifigures decorate for Christmas? These mini pranksters were tasked with decorating for Christmas. One of the light strands malfunctions and creates some unexpected chaos!

    Animated Short

    Lego Christmas 01 Lego Christmas 02 03 04
  • Zeunic Holiday Video

    Motion Graphics Video Promo

    The holiday season is a wonderful time of year. Zeunic wanted to end 2012 on a great note with clients, friends and family. What a better way than a custom video e-blast. Looking forward to 2013!

    Holiday Video

    Zeunic Holiday 01 Zeunic Holiday 02
  • Zombies In Love <3

    LEGO™ Animated Music Video

    Blast off with the Manufactured Superstars in this Official LEGO™ Animated Music Video! Featuring their hit single, Zombies In Love, this video is sure to get your Lego fists pumping and your plastic feet dancing!

    Music Video Website

  • Globl Me

    Branding, UI Design & MoGraph Promos

    Capture life's moments, share them with your friends, and remember your exciting adventures together with Globl Me. Be looking for this photo sharing iOS application prototype in the near future.

    App Demo Promo Video

  • 2011 Reel

    3D, MoGraph, Stop Motion & Animation

    Collection of projects I have worked on from 2011 in the motion graphics and 3D industries. Techniques include: 3D modeling and animation, visual effects and compositing, stop motion & motion graphics.

    2011 Reel

  • 2econd Level

    3D Model Animated Flythrough

    Boasting magnificent woodwork and spacious, open areas, this 3D rendered top floor space is a must for those upscale neighborhood parties or just a relaxing evening with the family.

    Animated Flythrough

  • Celebrate You

    Disney's Service Celebration 2011

    Celebrate You is the Service Celebration at Disney Parks honoring employees with the company over the years. This graphic was used on digital signs and video elements throughout event and festivities.

    Logo Animation

    Celebrate You 01 Celebrate You 02
  • 'Lego' Nocturne

    Lego Music Video for BT

    BT + LEGO™ = Awesomeness like you've never seen! Fusing 'Suddenly' and 'Le Nocturne de Lumiere' from THM, this Lego video features everything from BT's stutter edit to stop motion Lego dancing!

    Music Video Setup Exposure!

  • Travel Channel

    MoGraph Bumper & Logo Animation

    The Travel Channel has many brand touch points and elements, both in broadcast and on the web. This case study features updated Travel Channel bumpers and a new logo animation for show broadcasts.

    Bumper Logo Animation

    Travel Channel 01 Travel Channel 02 03 04
  • Zeunic

    Web Studio Branding

    Zeunic Web Development specializes in stunning visual graphics, mobile development, web design, corporate branding and cutting edge solutions that help clients reach their goals online.

    Logo Animation Site Design

    Zeunic 01 Zeunic 02 03 04 05
  • Ripley's Hollywood

    MoGraph Digital Signage

    The Ripley's Believe It Or Not! Museum stands proudly adjacent to the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood, CA. The recent lobby renovation added a 6-screen digital display to attract foot traffic to the museum.

    Animation Lobby Panorama Article

    Ripley's Hollywood 01 Ripley's Hollywood 02 03 04
  • Host Kit

    Project Branding & Website UI

    Host Kit provides an extremely simple way to equip people with their own “sandbox” Virtual Private Servers. This is a cohesive branding package to aid in gaining leverage and exposure in the market.


  • WIRED Magazine

    Environmental Ad Series

    This magazine ad series for Wired is an advertisement for WIRED's mobile apps. They call on readers to reduce their carbon footprint by switching their magazine subscription to mobile platforms.

    WIRED Magazine 01 WIRED Magazine 02 03 04 05
  • This Binary Universe

    CD Collection Redesign

    This 3-disk set redesign for BT's This Binary Universe serves as a proud display for the album, showcasing Fibonacci sequential squares and the golden ratio hidden in the album layout.

    Process 3-Disk Set Digital Painting

    This Binary Universe 01 This Binary Universe 02 03 04